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Street Kitchen is on the streets cooking up gourmet food for Londoners to eat on the go.

Our simple and healthy bistro style dishes are served in take away boxes from three locations around London. We use 100% UK ingredients sourced directly from farms so the produce is super fresh and super tasty.

Breakfast Combo

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We know that time is short in the morning so we have decided to make it easy for our regulars……you can now come and grab a coffee and breakfast brioche for a fiver.

Join Our Team

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Street Kitchen is expanding this year and we are looking for passionate foodies to join our team. We are opening a ground breaking new fast food joint built on the foundation of restaurant quality food and sustainable British ingredients.

Our Breakfasts

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A thing of culinary beauty”


Our Boxes

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It was the perfect restaurant experience: no menu, no waiters, no waiting around, nothing”

Giles Coren

Our Burgers

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A wonderful burger that delivered in every area; Overall Rating 10/10”

Burger Addict

Our Hot Dogs

For our popup at The Miller near London Bridge we designed an artisan hot dog menu using natural and organic ingredients. We believe the essence of a great dog is an amazing smoked sausage made up of the best free range pork, home made sauces and lots of fresh pickles.